Programme Reflections: Marina Waters

The Northern Network’s Green Leadership Programme supports the development of people working in the green sector, helping enhance their business and leadership skills, and empowering them to take their community group to the next level.

Here, we take a look at one of our participants, Marina Waters…

Marina is based in Manchester and her project, the Community Bike Library, offers bike loans to people in the areas of Harpurhey, Moston, and Failsworth. Alongside loaning bikes, the Bike Library also provides cycling training, social rides, maintenance sessions, safety checks, and community events!

Marina joined the Green Leadership Programme to learn how she could grow her project. Here, she tells us about her experience and what she’s done as a result of the programme:

“I’ve really enjoyed visiting different community projects and being inspired by other organisations. Meeting the other participants has been great too -it’s been lovely being able to share our common struggles and successes.

I was worried that I might find it difficult to fit my learning into the rest of my working week but it hasn’t been a problem at all and the overall experience has been really positive. I’ve particularly enjoyed the mentoring sessions and have learned a lot through these.”

“As a result of the programme, I’ve been able to grow the team of volunteers at the Bike Library. We’ve successfully trained 6 new ride leaders in partnership with Cycling UK who are all being supported and assisted by the bike library to create their own social rides.

I was also able to learn about various legal structures of a community organisation which has helped me to make informed decisions about the best options for our project.

Going forward, I’m excited about expanding the bike library into other areas and supporting other community projects to increase participation in cycling and walking.”

Green Leadership Programme

The Green Leadership Programme is supported by Natural England and takes place over 5 months between July – November 2023. Participants take part in practical workshop sessions at different Green Community Hubs across the North and are matched with a Groundwork mentor providing ongoing support through the programme. Find out more below

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