HOW TO… Monitor Biodiversity in Shared Green Spaces.

Green Community Hubs can be a sanctuary for wildlife, especially in urban areas, and are a wonderful opportunity to give nature a chance to thrive, whilst engaging communities with the natural world. To understand what actions you can take to improve biodiversity in your Green Hub, it’s important to first understand what species are already on your site.

In this webinar, the Natural History Museum‘s Urban Biodiversity Officer Becky Clover, talks us through ways to monitor biodiversity at your Green Community Hub. She covers how to do a desk-based assessment using online maps and records, as well as how to do a site-based assessment by understanding your habitat potential and carrying out surveys.

She also signposts the Natural History Museum’s Nature Recording Hub, a new ‘one-stop shop’ for people who want to monitor and improve biodiversity in their green spaces.

Alongside a catalogue of survey methods, national recording schemes, and identification guides, the hub includes a range of other great resources, including wildlife IDs, and craft activities.

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Urban Nature Network

Becky also tells us about the Urban Nature Network, and you can request to join this using the link below.

Nature Overheard

You can also take part in the exciting new community science project Becky mentions, investigating the impact of noise pollution on insects near roads, here…

Facebook Group

And finally, Becky mentions the Natural History Museum’s UK Biodiversity facebook group, which you can join here…

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