NORTHERN NETWORK: Adopting our Vision

Following our series of community engagement workshops, and a recent team session to evaluate their results, we’ve been putting forward our vision for the northern network to our many communities and partners, in order to hear their responses.

In three online sessions, we shared the results from our workshops and asked participants to respond to our vision statement.

“Bringing People Together,
To Build Healthy And Happy Communities,
That Have The Power To Make Positive Change.”

We did this by breaking the statement down into three parts and asking ‘what does this mean to you?’ and ‘How could you support the network in achieving this?’

The sessions were a great success and gave us a number of ideas for practical objectives such as mapping green hubs, facilitating skills-sharing events, and building a bank of online resources.

Informed by these sessions, we’ve since formally adopted the vision statement and expanded on it with a list of objectives. You can see these online below…

Thank you to everyone that was able to join us, your input has been invaluable.

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