Clay Pitts Park, Morecombe

Supported by Groundwork Cheshire, Lancashire, and Merseyside

Clay Pitts Park is a green space surrounded by back-to-back terraced houses in the centre of Morecambe. The park is a local Green resource for children, adults and community groups, which have traditionally used this area recreationally. The park has a history of underfunding and anti-social behaviour. However, the Hub aims to transform the area with the support the local community.

Our Northern Network Project Facilitator for Groundwork Cheshire Lancashire and Merseyside has worked with the community to help set up a ‘Friends of’ group, and facilitated their partnering with Lancaster City Council and the realm office, the Clubhouse on Charles Street, (a learning disabilities charity), The Army cadets and Air cadets, the Tara Center in the west end and the Bay mental health support volunteers.

Local people and groups will be able to make bookings to join in on weekly activities and events for local from March 2023, including a community picnic and arts events. The project has so far funded tools and signs for the group.

Project Facilitator:

Angela Nagorski

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