Cheshire & MERSEyside Green Social Prescribing Group

CHESHIRE & MERSEYSIDE Green Social Prescribing GROUP

When we began the Northern Network project back in September 2022, our early research and engagement showed us there was great potential to explore the role of Green Social Prescribing within Green Community Hubs.

And so, in January this year, we brought together a Cheshire and Merseyside Green Social Prescribing Group to explore the current landscape for social prescribing, to discuss benefits, problems or issues, and to look at different ways to improve green social prescribing across the region.


The Cheshire and Merseyside GSP Group includes representatives from:


In August 2023, in partnership with Capacity and supported by Natural England, the group published their first report –The Missing Link for Green Social Prescribing.

To produce an evidence base and set of recommendations for the report, Capacity were commissioned by the group to conduct desk-based research, carry out interviews with a number of system leaders, facilitate 3 workshops, and run a survey for a wider range of green social prescribing activity providers.

The report covers a wealth of findings across: Social Prescribing; Grant Funders; Primary Care Networks; Commissioners; Integrated Care Systems and Boards; NHS Trusts; Personal Health Budgets; and Sector Resources.

The report also sets out a number of conclusions and solutions, as well as practical recommendations for individual organisations including:

  • A blend of grant and commissions is required to fund delivery.
  • Market your offer to the Personal Health Budget audience.
  • Recognise the significance of “Place.”
  • Build relationships with your VCSE infrastructure organisations.
  • Build relationships with regional social prescribing networks.
  • Respond to opportunities with the ICP.
  • Register with the Future NHS Collaboration Platfor.