Workington Green Community Hub​

Supported by Groundwork North East & Cumbria

Workington Green Community Hub aims to create more resilient and sustainable communities which can contribute to more integrated green services, more transformed green spaces and has a focus for more community led regeneration.

Our Project Facilitator for Groundwork North East & Cumbria has partnered with Workington Town Council and the hub is supporting their Bee Happy Garden and are in the process of opening a ‘yoga garden’, linked to this. Organisations will be able to make bookings to hold free activities/ sessions for local community members from Spring 2023 when both will be open to the public. So far, the Network Project has also funded a beautiful bench to be placed in the garden, as well as a sign which incorporates designs made by school children.

Additionally, they have partnered with an organisation named Grow Well who run a community garden. Whilst they were closed over the winter months, the hub set up weekly ‘Arts & Garden’ sessions, where local community members attend to design nature-based murals and take part in gardening activities indoors (where it is a little warmer!) in a green house owned by Workington Town Council.

As well as this, funding was secured from Natural England to hold 5 educational events with a nature theme. The team are taking feedback from these events and their hub will then fund a range of educational activities/ training opportunities for the local communities.

Its ethos is to make the green hub accessible to all, especially more hidden and underrepresented communities. Therefore, they are building raised beds to go in the community garden, are engaging with charities who support mental health, are supporting a dementia group and many others.

Project Facilitator:

Hannah Wright

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