NORTHERN NETWORK: A new visual identity

Now that we have a vision for our new network, we’ve been working on ways to express this in a new visual identity and are delighted to reveal it here.

Our logo

After many iterations, our final logo does a number of things for us:

  • The Northern Network is a Groundwork project and so we’ve been sure to use ‘Groundwork Green’ as our main colour.
  • This is broken up by the brighter green of new shoots to represent our growing community of Green Hubs.
  • Our font uses a thick paintbrush style to speak of the hands-on, DIY approach of Green Communities
  • And, of course, the name. Well, it does what it says on the tin!

Our visual identity

We’ve put together a colour pallet that pulls from Groundwork’s identity while also adding new colours inspired by the nature of Green Community Hubs: Sunshine yellow, Sky blue, Soil brown, Autumn orange, and Plum purple! 

We’ve got a range of bright, fun, and cheery illustrations that represent the joys of new growth, fresh food, flowers, nature, and wildlife.

And, we’re playing with language to help inspire a radical(ish) movement that is as inviting to as many people as possible.

We hope you like it!

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