PILOT HUBS: Hedgerow planting at Clay Pitts Park.

The newly formed Friends of Clay Pitts Park held their first session in the park on 22nd March. The group planted young whips of wildlife hedgerows, including Blackthorn, Dog Rose, Elder, and Hawthorn. They chose species that encourage birds and pollinators and give cover to small mammals like hedgehogs.  

Local people who live around the park came and joined in, learning new skills and meeting other members of the Friends of Volunteers and the local community. Everyone had a great time, with lots of laughter and even the sun came out to greet them!

The friends planted the whips around the edge of the park in a zig-zag formation.  A sharp spade was used to cut a T shape into the turf then the bare rooted stick was planted into the hole without damage. Our feet pressed the turf around the hedging plant to firm it in. Bare-rooted hedging must be planted when it is dormant in the winter or early spring.

The group managed to plant the whole park in time! Next up, its wildflower meadow seed sowing on 22nd April.

Clay Pitts Park is one of our pilot hubs, supported by Angela Nagorski, our Project facilitator for Groundwork Cheshire, Lancashire, and Merseyside.

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